OWN IT 2017

On April 15, 2017, Davis Women in Business hosted its first ever OWN IT Summit at the University of California, Davis. Inviting inspiring speakers from various fields of activism, science & engineering, business, and technology to speak in panels, the summit was an eventful day filled with meaningful discussions addressing stigma in the workplace and motivational speeches to embolden college women entering the professional workforce. 



Laurie Lavaroni: Regulatory Compliance Manager at the Federal Reserve Bank

Brenda Dulger-Sheikin: Senior Vice President at State Street

Jyoti Sarin: Senior IT Manager at Cisco Systems

Shujan Bertrand: CEO & Founder at Aplat Inc. 


Science and Engineer

 Pratima Rao: Entrepreneur in Residance at NanoDimesnsion

Jennifer Sinclair Curtis: Dean of Engineering at UC Davis

Erin Cooke: Director of Sustainability & Environmental Policy at San Francisco International Airport

Rose Grymes: Deputy Director of Partnership at NASA



Sheryl Evans Davis: Executive Director at San Francisco Human Rights Commission

Emily Bender: Director of Programs at Sacramento LGBT Community Center

Rachel Michelin: Executive Director/CEO at California Women Lead

Ann Shimasaki: Chief  Consultant at API Legislative Caucus



Somdatta Banerjee: Application Product Manager at Facebook

Jeanne Lim Biz: Systems Roadmap Manager at Facebook

Kate Lechner: Operations Program Manager at Facebook


Break Out Session

Ruth Globus: Scientist at NASA

Marjannie Eloi Akintunde: Senior Career Advisor at Genentech

Neesha Tambe: Startup Programming Manager at TechCrunch

Amber Ofiesh: VBA Developer at State Street

Ryan Flannigan: Sales Manager at Yelp

Ester Gordillo: International Trade Specialist at Center for International Trade Development

Christina Chin: Technical Assistant to the Vice President and General Manager at Intel

Connie Qian: Equity Research Analyst at Goldman Sachs

Brenda Wood: Engineering Program Specialist at Fitbit

Yun Lien: Render Pipeline Engineer at Pixar

Tiffany Lin: Management Consulting Analyst at Accenture

Shelina Noorali: Economic Empowerment Specialist at International Rescue Committee

What some attendees had to say about OWN IT 2017

" OWN IT was just absaloutely amazing. Sheryl Evans Davis’s responses really resonated with me. The poem she recited was simple yet profound."

"I enjoyed the Linkedn workshop. Nicole provided excellent tips on how to portray yourself through social media."

"OWN IT was very fun and was well put together.  I enjoyed the workshop about Women in Startups/Entrepreneurship by Neesha Tambe. It was inspiring to me."