To bridge the gap between female leaders of the 21st century and the millennials who admire them by shaking up the women's leadership arena and producing game-changing opportunities for college-age women.


OWN IT at University of California, Davis is a women’s leadership summit designed to foster and encourage young women at Davis and in the surrounding community to pursue their wildest dreams. By connecting leaders of all fields with millennials, this summit aims to bridge the gap from “What If?” to “I Can”, empowering women to own their true selves and identity. This one day summit will allow attendees to listen to and learn from role models, cultivate skills, and network with fellow peers.


OWN IT was started by Georgetown University students Helen Brosnan and Kendall Ciesemier in 2013 as a means to bring awareness to the lack of women in leadership positions across various professional fields. The inaugural Own It summit was held at GU in April 2014, and brought over 40 speakers and 400 attendees together for a day filled with motivation and female empowerment. In March 2015, both Georgetown University and Boston College held summits with over 800 and 300 attendees, respectively. The success of the summit and its ambition to empower young women towards leadership roles has made its impact across the nation to numerous universities and the University of California, Davis. 




"The purpose of this summit is to empower women and let them know that they can reach leadership positions and show them real life examples of women who are in leadership roles and empower them in that sense."

— Disha Bahl,  OWN IT Director




OWN IT strives to reflect the diverse world we live in. It seeks to showcase voices of all races, genders, sexual identities, ethnicities, abilities, ages, political affiliations, and socio-economic backgrounds. OWN IT seeks to purport a broad and inclusive definition of "success" meaning that status, wealth, influence, fame, and power are not the sole measurements, and rather "success" is measured by living an authentic and purposeful life.



OWN IT strives to be accessible and approachable in subject matter. OWN IT events seek to create a welcoming and empowering environment. OWN IT also strives to be available to all audiences and works to make its opportunities affordable.


OWN IT strives to develop leaders. Our operating assumption is that everyone is a leader and can learn how to be a better leader. Leadership does not depend on title or position, everyone can lead where they are.



Feminism is inherently part of our mission and goal. We strive to celebrate and cultivate unafraid feminists who are ready to own whatever challenges come their way. We believe strongly in an intersectional approach where all speakers and attendees are allies to one another in an purposeful way - through everyday actions of solidarity, not just words.